Sunday School

Children's Sunday School
Teachers: Various

Children between the ages of 5-11 are encouraged to be a part of our new Sunday School class designed to truly help your child get rooted in God's Word. Our curriculum is called "Generations of Grace". Most children's curricula basically teach the Bible as nothing more than simplistic moral lessons extrapolated from Scripture. However, our goal is to go deeper than that. 

Every week, children learn from a specific passage of Scripture that will cover the Old Testament historical books, the life of Christ and lessons from Acts and Revelation. They include key truths, objectives and application points for the children to get a good grasp of understanding God's Word on their level. Each lesson comes with illustrations and activities to help the children better understand and remember the truths that they are learning. After three years, each child will have gone through the entire Bible and have a working knowledge of who God is, what the Bible is all about and how to be saved.

Adult Bible Class 

Our Teacher: Ashish Bezawada

Where will the people of God learn theology if not in the church? Theology is a word that means "The Study of God".  Within the study of God, there are a multitude of other areas that encompass the knowledge of God. We are going back to an older method used by churches for hundreds of years - we will be using a catechism as a means of teaching these theological truths. A Baptist Catechism by Dr. William Downing will be our guide, so pick one up in the bookstore and we'll see you on Sunday!